To Shiver the Sky

The Third Album

Kickstarter Ends March 13

Join in the making
of Christopher Tin's
third studio album

Kickstarter Ends March 13, 2018

Christopher is embarking on his third studio album: a musical exploration of the sky, including a new recording of his anthem to flight 'Sogno di Volare'. And for the first time ever, he will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to bring his fans closer to the creative process of making an album!

The original fundraising goal of $50,000 was reached within the first 36 hours. For stretch goals, Christopher will be releasing additional songs as a bonus EP:

  • $80,000: a bonus new recording of “Song of the Mountain”, the theme to Civilization Online which never got released.
  • $100,000: a recording of “Njooni Waaminifu”, a Christmas piece in Swahili in the spirit of ‘Baba Yetu’.
  • $120,000: a song featuring Tibetan singer Yungchen Lhamo that was originally supposed to be released with my previous album ‘The Drop that Contained the Sea’, but actually never made it to the album.

Rewards include:

  • Visits to the highly exclusive Abbey Road studios to watch him conduct the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Visits to his Santa Monica studio to participate in the mixing process
  • Sheet music editions of the new work
  • Hand-written scores of "Baba Yetu", suitable for framing
  • Skype Sessions
  • ... and much more!