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If you played Civ 4, you'll be familiar with that game's brilliant opening theme - Baba Yetu (we've got a video of it further down). Good news, the song's composer, Christopher Tin is back in Civilization 6. The new song is called Sogno Di Volare, which is Italian for 'the dream of flight'. It's suitably grand, and you can watch a video about Tin's process of composing it below. - Alphr
The title track is an awesome, up-beat song that is definitely the highlight of the soundtrack.. - Amped IGO
Congratulations to Christopher Tin, as a beautiful song's long journey is rewarded. - Ars Technica
I can't say enough about the excellent soundtrack.. - Associated Press
Composer Christopher Tin's "Baba Yetu," originally written for the video game Civilization IV, has been nominated for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s). It's the first time music written for a game has been nominated for anything at the Grammys. And a well-deserved first it is. - Atlantic, The
For the first time, a videogame theme has been nominated for a Grammy--sort of. Among the nominees for best instrumental arrangement accompanying vocalist(s) is composer Christopher Tin's "Baba Yetu," featuring the Soweto Gospel Choir singing the Lord's Prayer in Swahili. Initially written as the theme song for the 2005 strategy game "Civilization IV," it has become something of a modern choral standard, as well as a regular feature of the popular Video Games Live concert tour, feauturing game music performed symphonically. - Billboard
Among the big surprises and performances of last night's Grammy Awards is the historic win of composer Christopher Tin, who took home a Grammy for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists for the song "Baba Yetu." - Billboard
Not to mention the music is outstanding, giving a rich atmosphere to the colonization of Mars. - Blast Magazine
Christopher Tin from California, one of the adjudicators of the series, wrote the score. He won one of his Grammys for his composition Baba Yetu, the main theme song in the popular video game Civilisation IV. The song Baba Yetu has been sung by many a choir worldwide and is highly respected in choral circles. - Cambrian News
At least the music really rocked. - Chicago Maroon
Christopher Tin created a remarkable work in the expression of the most extreme and subtle of emotions. - Cinefonia
It's a meditative kind of day here in New York. Go to this site and click the free music for "Baba Yetu." It's the theme song for the game Civilization IV...the Lord's Prayer in Swahili. Peaceful and inspiring. - CNN Money
Taylor Swift occasionally tweets out great covers of her songs (or an entire album's worth if you're Ryan Adams), though she usually sticks to relatively straightforward interpretations. On Thursday, however, she shared something a little bit different - an orchestral, truly epic rendition of "Bad Blood." - Cosmopolitan
Commissioning and performing one of the pieces in the project gave me a fresh perspective on how a gifted composer like Tin finds his voice as an artist and hones his vision for a project even in the face of challenging circumstances and multiple revisions... the experience of being inside Tin's compelling and unpretentious creative process was exhilarating. - Colorado Public Radio
Award-winning film and video game composer wrote music for the sea in this new album that blends Jazz, Classical, World and other elements into a vocal/orchestral masterpiece. Utilizing some of the world's most amazing choirs including the Soweto Gospel Choir, Anonymous 4, Schola Cantorum and more, Tin's new album is beyond mesmerizing. - Dirty Dog Jazz
Every once in a while a record comes along that transcends boundaries... Calling All Dawns is a masterpiece of modern World music... Tin's work takes on an explosive quality that is born from Classical but grows up into a risk-taking contemporary adult... I would challenge you to find a better production in any genre than what Tin has done here... It is one of the most 'advanced' of its kind in the genre, without a doubt. This presentation of intense composition is sure to inspire many more composers in the genre, and could quite possibly change the face of world music... - Dr Music's Weekly Checkup
The CD will have eleven tracks (full tracklist after the jump), and will feature music from a slew of terrific video game soundtracks, including our own Warcraft series (and Civ IV, which is probably the best music I've ever heard in a videogame, ever). - Engadget
Tin knows his craft. He certainly knows all the tropes that make those blockbuster soundtracks succeed... This was my first contact with what I would later discover was the prodigious breadth of Tin's interests in different forms of music, not only on a global scale but also on a commercial one, since he was just as capable of writing music for video games as turning out this delightfully intimate little song... - Examiner
The album sounds like a unique cross between world music and film music, but Calling All Dawns defies all labels. It's just great music, period. - Film Score Click Track
Because history was made at one of this year's other big trophy-fests, the Grammy Awards, when a piece of music originally composed for a video game won an award; the first time music created for a game has received such an honor. The award bestowed upon Christopher Tin was a milestone moment and a beginning, a beginning from which other artists who bring game audio to life deserve to be honored, a beginning which couldn't have happened if not for a push for recognition for game music that began over a decade ago. - G4
... the evocative music melds traditional orchestral scoring with more exotic themes to great effect. - Game Informer
The sound is equally good, from the combat and game sound effects to the professionally done, and strikingly beautiful, soundtrack. - GameShark
Civ IV also presents itself well with a distinctive title-screen track that recalls the music of Disney's The Lion KingÉ - GameSpot
Honorable Mention: Civilization IV - The main theme from the hit sequel is a unique "World Fusion" kind of sound, part African Drums, part chanting, part orchestral, that really calls to mind the epic sweep of the title. Throughout the rest of the game the music highlights the different eras, with different themes depending on if you're at peace or at war. The original scores eventually give way to contemporary orchestral themes that should sound familiar to most gamers, but the original music definitely deserves a nod. - GameSpy Honorable Mention, Best Music, 2005 - GameSpy
The musical score is also exceptional. I don't know when I've enjoyed in-game music more, especially the introductory music. - GameZone
The music is composed by Christopher Tin, who did the music for games like Civilization IV, and it's well done. Sometimes the background track and the sound queues you need to listen for overlap, but overall it's pleasing to the ear. - GamingAge
In 2005, the opening song to the game Civilization IV - Baba Yetu, a gloriously uplifting version of the Lord's Prayer in Swahili - was so popular that fans demanded it be released for download. The piece has now been performed at venues including the Hollywood Bowl and the Royal Festival Hall. - The Guardian
His piece, Baba Yetu, for Civilization IV, combined orchestral elements with strong African vocals, joyfully suggesting the cradle of life itself, instead of the more militaristic sounds one might associate with a strategy game about conquering... The sound is of a burgeoning, evolving civilisation itself, peaking in imperial crescendo before, appropriately enough, dying out. - The Guardian
Prepare to visualize yourself gallantly standing at the bow of a massive ship with a misty, Nordic breeze whipping through your hair. - Hello Giggles
Christopher Tin's album is a masterpiece. Every track is of such a high calibre and standard... "Calling All Dawns" is not just the best world music album of 2009, it's one of the best world music albums of the decade. Pure and absolute musical hedonism. - Higher Plain Music
... a broad spectrum of electro elegance. The sheer complexity of some of the tracks is mind-boggling, from the percussion to the little nuances and frequency changes in all the instruments as they go. It's these things that elevate a good album to a truly great one. Quite frankly, 'God of Love' is one long eargasm from start to finish... - Higher Plain Music
Is this an overdue step towards a Grammy award for Best Videogame Soundtrack? Will video game music get the respect it deserves? Probably not, that will take time and request from the public, but the award is an overdue honor for Tin, a talented artist -- whichever his medium. - IFC
[Civilization IV] will also include licensed performances of pieces by the old greats (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and company) as well as contemporary greats like John Adams and soon-to-be greats like Christopher Tin. - IGN
... the music really steals the show. From the opening choral piece to the subtle nation-specific diplomacy music, the entire score of the game lends a strong sense of culture and feeling to the game... The music and Leonard Nimoy's voiceover work are amazing. - IGN
One common element that many of the songs share is the beautiful-sounding and brilliantly interwoven choir, which truly lends these songs an epic narrative. Perhaps the song that best embodies this is Civilization. Based on a game which explores the myriad of cultures the world over, the song seamlessly transitions between musical styles of differing ethnic origins, and is enhanced by a matching choir. This may very well be my favorite track, even in spite of my limited experience with the game series. - IGN
Though it lacks character in its story, Offworld does have terrific industrial-sounding music that hasn't gotten old over dozens of games. - IGN
The game's score, on the other hand, is wonderful. Composed by Christopher Tin (Civilization IV, X2: X-Men United), the dynamic music drives the intensity of combat. When being attacked, the music is subdued but active. Once you finish blocking a string of attacks, thrumming taiko drums explode driving you forward in battle. This effect is even more pronounced in later fights that swap back and forth between attack and defense very quickly. Not only does it become a duel of martial arts, but combat between two different music tracks. - InsideGamingDaily
Bright notes in the production abound, not least of which is Christopher Tin's soundscape, a truly wonderful mix of gospel voices, pensive strings and a perfectly placed, Coplandesque solo trumpet. - James Wegg Review
And its original score packs an emotional wallop, especially as the Chargers' defeats mount after a 2-2 start. - LA Times
In a couple of other historic benchmarks, a Grammy for the first time went to a composition written for a video game: Christopher Tin's "Baba Yetu," which was named best instrumental recording; - LA Times
I think that this is the future of electronic music... As it begins to pervade our culture, we'll see it used more artfully within other forms of music. They turn negative soundscapes into sexy, euphonic compositions of righteous synth, virtuous instrumentalism, seductive vocals, and just the right amount of bass. - LessThan3
I've heard three preview tracks, and it's evident that Christopher Tin's The Drop That Contained the Sea will deliver above and beyond its gorgeous predecessor, Calling All Dawns. Tin's passion for the voice and sensitivity with an orchestra shines brightly and I can't wait to hear the whole album. It's fantastic music. - Minnesota Public Radio
Even though "Civ 4" came out half a decade ago, it's still nice to see some light getting shone on Tin's accomplishments. The recording was honored in conjunction with Tin's album, not the game, so Firaxis probably won't get a statue if "Baba Yetu" goes all the way. The track pools from a wide range of international musical traditions and has a discernible "Lion King" meets "Battlestar Galactica" vibe to it, in case you haven't heard it before. If that's the case, I highly recommend checking it out. - MTV
One of the key highlights from tonight's concert was Sid Meier's Civilization IV, where the orchestra and African choir vocals provided a rousing interpretation that was both bold and beautiful. This track was a pleasant surprise and welcome new addition to the VGL set list. - Music4Games
I opened it up and listened--something I rarely do quickly with new CDs. After hearing just the first track, I took it home to play for my wife, because I thought she would be blown away by it. I cannot explain why, but parts of it nearly had me in tears. This is really great stuff. - Music Choice
The Drop That Contained the Sea is a powerfully dramatic work, well-conceived and skillfully realized. While retaining his marked ability for writing music with a wide appeal, he has also formed his own distinct voice without any obvious influences... the end product is reflective of Mr. Tin's deepending maturity as a composer. - NY Concert Review
With the cutthroat nature of the game in mind, the gorgeous music creates an antithesis soundtrack. The theme song is slow and haunting with a hint of melancholy, and the other songs masterfully capture the exact theme and emotion as intended. It's really fun to pause the game and listen. - OnlySinglePlayer
I again urge you to listen to the whole album and be ready for the knockout punch of the final track. Only when your defenses are down will you realize how powerful this project is, and what better way to become vulnerable than to assume we can't be challenged by such weak tripe? It's a clever trap set by the artists, and it turns out the complexity of the music and the depth of the lyrics will stymie us all. Just like love. - Original Sound Version
... I felt sex dripping from almost every track... like a lover walked through the door with "A Rapture," and left with "Love Is Love". Cue 'God of Love' and the exhilaration ensues: a dirty, Lohan-esque love affair, teeth catching lips and hair being pulled, all chased with clear liquor; you can thank Stereo Alchemy during the pillow talk. - Paradigm Magazine
Christopher Tin's score brings a game about numbers to life, channeling the hopeful thrum of Tangerine Dream one moment, and urgency of Philip Glass the next. It's affecting, alien, wonderful. - PC Gamer
Christopher Tin's new main theme, 'Sogno di Volare,' is just as sweeping, catchy, and beautiful as 'Baba Yetu.' I predict it will join his previous Civ effort in the pantheon of the greatest pieces of music written for a videogame... - PC Gamer
Civ VI grabs your attention from the off with powerful, uplifting menu music (by Christopher Tin, composer of Civ IV's much-loved theme music) and holds onto it through a bold new visual direction. - PC Games
If you think Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video is epic, wait until you hear the orchestral cover she's digging. - People
[Taylor] Swift regularly gives shout outs to other artists on social media. Earlier this month, she tweeted about an epic orchestral version of "Bad Blood" from Grammy award-winning composer Christopher Tin... - People
But on a purely musical level, Christopher Tin has created an epic multicultural song that's quite soaring and certainly fits well with the nature of the game. - PopDose
When I first heard about an unusual classical album - devoted to a droplet of water moving from snow to a mountain stream to the ocean and back to the clouds - performed in 10 languages, I thought it might be a bit much. Then I heard the music. I was hooked. - PRI's The World
It begins with a raindrop patter that reminds me of the soundtrack by David Wingo for a movie called Take Shelter. But it then goes to its own places. What an evocative and poignant piece of music. Although I don't quite feel how it connects to the game yet - I've been playing a music-less Offworld Trading Company for so long now - it assures I won't be moving down the slider for music on the audio tab. On the contrary, I'm running the game in the background right now to hear the rest of Tin's music. Would it be too hasty to put it alongside other iconic and haunting sci-fi soundtracks? Clint Mansell for Moon, John Murphy for Sunshine, Vangelis for Blade Runner, Hans Zimmer for Interstellar, Steven Price for Gravity, and Christopher Tin for Offworld Trading Company. Yeah, that list looks about right. - Quarter-to-Three
It almost sounds medieval, like something you might hear on Game of Thrones. Tin, a classical musician from Palo Alto, CA, wrote on YouTube that after hearing Swift play the 1989 track at the Los Angeles' Staples Center back in August (where, yes, he did get a chance to take a photo with her), he was inspired to go home and write this orchestral piece, which is filled with brass, strings, and booming drums. - Refinery29
Track 5 is the Civilization IV medley, which is arguably the best song in the lineup. Superb vocals and a solid ethnic beat add a perfect blend of life and celebration that has not been heard since millions of people crammed into theatres worldwide in 1994 and first experienced the musical wonder that is Disney's The Lion King. - Static Multimedia
Getting pirate ship/sword fight movie scene vibes from this orchestral version of Bad Blood and I'm happy about it. - Taylor Swift's Twitter
Although the game's soundtrack is brilliant, one would be remiss not to talk about the new opening theme, Sogno di Volare ("The Dream of Flight"), penned by the brilliant Christopher Tin. - Telkom Gaming
What good is global domination without a great soundtrack? The 2005 hit Civilization IV got "Baba Yetu," as its rousing, anthemic theme song, courtesy of composer Christopher Tin. - Time
The intro music, for starters, is particulary great. - To The Game
Gaming could have another memorable tune on the horizon. - Venture Beat
But beyond the massive success of his Civilization IV theme "Baba Yetu," Tin's career in classical composition has earned him equal - if not more - praise from the recording industry. His 2009 classical crossover album Calling All Dawns also won a Grammy the same year as "Baba Yetu." His newest album, The Drop That Contained the Sea, premiered at Carnegie Hall this past April before releasing at No. 1 on the Billboard Classical charts in May. - Venture Beat
From the early bleeps and bloops of Pong and the simplistic tunes of Duck Hunt, Gauntlet and OutRun to the sophisticated compositions found in Advent Rising, Myst, Civilization IV and World of Warcraft, the performers synchronized their music to projected video images. - Washington Post
Tron, Civilization IV (featuring an absolutely show-stopping chorus of African singers) and HALO were phenomenal. - Wil Wheaton
I especially like the Civilization IV medley - that's usually the highlight of the VGL shows for me, and the version here is great, especially the tenor solo. - Wired
The opening theme to Civilization IV took home videogame music's first ever Grammy award last night... "Baba Yetu" is a standout piece of music - always one of the highlights of [the Video Games Live] concerts, for me - and richly deserving of the award. - Wired
This year's Grammy Awards will be remembered as a musical milestone for the video game industry and Christopher Tin. The 34-year-old composer from Santa Monica, Calif. won two Grammys for "Baba Yetu", a song he composed for 2K Games' Civilization IV and for a follow-up album that was inspired by the game. It's the first time that video game music has ever been awarded a Grammy. - Wall Street Journal
Special mention goes to the music, which is shockingly good. - Yahoo Games
Tin's sound has universal appeal, drawing on ethnic themes, classical influences and texts both ancient and modern. He delights fans of a powerful choral and orchestral sound and aficionados of world music alike. - YorkMix
The concluding movements of the work made clear why Tin is a multi-award winning composer. Upper voice writing was haunting and hazy; in a sea of sweeping cinematic sounds, evocations of darkly sinister storms, rolling waves and foreboding clouds were shot through with sparkling lights in the high strings. The final song, We Overcome The Wind, was an outpouring of joy; a unanimous standing ovation evinced the sense of togetherness at the heart of this concert. - York Press
Tin's compositions for the game are subdued but full of import, properly conveying the notion that Martian Business is Serious Business. - ZAM