EDM meets Orchestra

  • Release Date: March 9, 2018
  • Formats: MP3, FLAC
Genre Smashing

Collide is a cross-genre collaboration between Christopher and Australian DJ/Producer Tyson Illingworth, AKA Tydi. Fusing together various genres of electronic music with orchestral arrangements, TyDi and Christopher released a twelve-song album of cinematic EDM with a large cast of guest vocalists.

Meeting of the Minds

TyDi and Christopher Tin met through a mutual contact at Warner/Chappell, and were originally planning to just write one song together as an experiment. After they discovered a creative chemistry, they kept putting together tracks until they had a full album.

Guest Vocalists

Collide features the vocal talents of Dia Frampton, Dyson, Freesia, Coco Jones, Cameron Walker, Lola Rhodes, London Thor, and Akazi.

Chart Success

Collide opened as the #2 electronic music album on the iTunes charts.

Previews and Lyrics Coming Soon

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