God of Love


  • Release Date: February 14, 2012
  • Formats: CD, MP3, FLAC

God of Love is a collection of 10 songs based on Renaissance and Romantic era poetry, by writers such as Christina Rossetti, John Donne, and Lord Byron. Stylistically the project is rooted in electronic music of the 90s: trip-hop, synth pop, and a touch of industrial. All the songs are about love in its various forms: from idealized, to devotional, to unabashedly erotic.

Guest Artists

The album features guest vocals by singers Melissa R. Kaplan (of Universal Hall Pass and Splashdown), Mozez (of Zero 7), and Lia Rose (of Built for the Sea).


In 2009, celebrity fashion photographer Yu Tsai reached out to Christopher Tin with a special project: actress Lindsay Lohan was pursuing a modeling career, and wanted to cultivate an edgier and more risqué image to break from her Disney-starlet past. Yu Tsai needed music that was raw and sexual, and so Christopher contacted his friend, producer Kametron, and together they wrote ‘A Rapture’: a slow-burning, trip-hop setting of Renaissance poet Thomas Carew’s notoriously erotic poem by the same name. They decided to call their producing partnership Stereo Alchemy, and embracing the full-blown indulgence of their source material, called their 90s-retro sound ‘decadent electronica’. God of Love is their first album.

Previews and Lyrics

01 A Rapture

02 Unbound

03 God of Love

04 She Walks in Beauty

05 Is it Possible

06 Monster of the Sky

07 To Eternity

08 My Heart's Fit to Break

09 Young Lovers

10 Love is Love