The Lost Birds

  • Coming September 23, 2022

An Extinction Elegy

The Lost Birds is a musical memorial to bird species driven to extinction by humankind. Sweeping and elegiac, it's a haunting tribute to those soaring flocks that once filled our skies, but whose songs have since been silenced. It's a celebration of their feathered beauty: their symbolism as messengers of hope, peace, and renewal. But it's also a warning about our own tenuous existence on the planet: that the fate that befell these once soaring flocks foreshadows our own extinction.

The Finest Voices and Players

The Lost Birds is sung by the preeminent British vocal ensemble VOCES8, accompanied by Christopher's longtime collaborators, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (conducted by Christopher Tin) and recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. It is Christopher's first release on Decca Classics, and his second release with Universal's Decca Label.

Music for Appreciating Nature

This album is a gentler production than Christopher's previous works. The language is pastoral and romantic, by turns soaring and delicate, but with the slightest whisper of melancholy. It is a response to the noise of our times; a return to simplicity, clean lines, and the timelessness of hymns and folk melodies. It is a triumph of loveliness; a soundtrack for appreciating nature, and a reminder that we must preserve its ephemeral beauty while it still exists.

Continued Success

Christopher once again funded this album with support from Kickstarter Backers to bring his fans into the creative process. With rewards ranging from exclusive behinds the scenes updates to attending the Abbey Road recording sessions, the campaign broke his own previously standing record, raising over $225,000 to become the highest-funded classical music Kickstarter campaign.


Flocks a Mile Wide

The Saddest Noise (feat. VOCES8)

Bird Raptures (feat.VOCES8)

A Hundred Thousand Birds (feat.VOCES8)

Wild Swans (feat.VOCES8)


Thus In The Winter (feat. VOCES8)

There Will Come Soft Rains (feat. VOCES8)

All That Could Never Be Said (feat. VOCES8)

I Shall Not See The Shadows (feat. VOCES8)

In The End (feat. VOCES8)

Hope Is The Thing With Feathers (feat. VOCES8)



The central message of The Lost Birds is a focus on the impact of humanity on the earth through the lens of the loss of specific bird species. Though many are already lost to us, for many more species it is up to us to save them from extinction. If you are moved by this album to take action to help save our planet's birds, below is a selection of resources and organizations that work towards the preservation of birds.

Bird Life International

BirdLife International is a global organization dedicated to conserving birds, their habitats, and global biodiversity, while working with people towards sustainability. They partner with local conservation groups to allow each region to work within an area they know best, while also facilitating global connectivity. They also work to tackle the underlying issues that are causing bird population decline. You can connect with their global group, or use their list of local partners to connect with organizations in your area or areas you care about:

Hands-On Help

Helping support birds in your own community is a key part of sustaining larger ecosystems. Whether you are making changes to your own backyard, or advocating for larger changes within your community, The Audubon Society has suggestions of where to start.


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