To Shiver the Sky

The Third Album

World Premiere NEW DATE 8.21.2020

An Oratorio about
Conquering the Sky


Christopher is currently working on his third studio album: a musical exploration of mankind's quest to conquer the sky, including a new recording of his theme song to Civilization VI 'Sogno di Volare'. Set to the words of Leonardo da Vinci, Jules Verne, and other great thinkers and dreamers, the album will chart mankind's quest to claim his place in the stars.

Breaking Records

For the first time ever, he funded the album with a Kickstarter campaign designed to bring his fans closer to the creative process. Featuring rewards like backstage passes to his conducting debut at Carnegie Hall, and attending the recording sessions at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, the original fundraising goal of $50,000 was reached within the first 36 hours. By the time the campaign ended, $221,415 was raised, shattering the all-time record as the highest-funded classical music Kickstarter campaign ever.

Bonus EP

Because of the success of the campaign, Christopher also pledged to create a 6-song EP of bonus tracks as a special gift for all Kickstarter backers (and all those who continue to back the project through reward purchases on this page). The bonus EP will include songs in Swahili, Paiwan, Welsh, Tibetan, and English, and will be distributed to Kickstarter backers at least a month before it is widely released.

The World Premiere

Washington Performing Arts will be presenting the world premiere of ‘To Shiver the Sky’ on Friday Augut 21st, 2020, at The Anthem, the new state-of-the-art 6000-seat music venue and auditorium of DC. The concert will feature the United States Air Force Band and the Choral Arts Society of Washington, as well as some of Christopher’s favorite soloists. This is a FREE concert but online reservations are required.

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Note: "To Shiver the Sky" and Related Rewards will be shipped on the approximate release date of September 2020, with the exception of the Abbey Road studio visit

Presale: Digital

Pledge $15

• MP3/FLAC of 'To Shiver the Sky'
• MP3/FLAC of Bonus Tracks EP

PRESALE: CD + Digital

Pledge $25

• Signed CD of 'To Shiver the Sky'
• MP3/FLAC of 'To Shiver the Sky'
• MP3/FLAC of Bonus Tracks EP

PRESALE: Score + Album

Pledge $100

• Signed Study Score of 'To Shiver the Sky'
• Signed CD of 'To Shiver the Sky'
• MP3/FLAC of 'To Shiver the Sky'
• MP3/FLAC of Bonus Tracks EP
• MP3/FLACs of the previous 2 albums

The Abbey Road Experience

All gone for now...

Pledge $2500

please email us for future recording sessions

• 2x VIP passes to Abbey Road Studios
• Conducting baton & signed orchestral score from the recording
• Meet-and-greet with Christopher
• Signed Study Score of the session
• Signed CD of the session
• MP3/FLAC of the session
• MP3/FLAC of the Bonus Tracks EP
• MP3/FLACs of the previous 2 albums

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To Shiver the Sky

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