Full Credits


  • Best Classical Crossover Album, "Calling All Dawns" (2011)
  • Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists: "Baba Yetu" (2011)
  • Best Classical Compendium: "The Lost Birds" (2023) (Nomination)
  • Best Score Soundtrack for Video Games or Other Interactive Media: "Old World" (2023) (Nomination)
GANG (Game Audio Network Guild) Awards
  • Rookie of the Year (2006)
  • Best Original Vocal Song - Choral: "Baba Yetu" (2006)
  • Music of the Year: "Civilization VI" (2017) (Nomination)
  • Best Original Vocal Song - Choral: "Sogno di Volare" (2017) (Nomination)
  • Best Arrangement of a Non-Original Score: "Pirates of the Caribbean Online" (2007) (Nomination)
Miscellaneous Prizes
  • John Lennon Songwriting Competition, Grand Prize Winner: "Iza Ngomso" (2015)
  • John Lennon Songwriting Competition, Lennon Award Winner: "Iza Ngomso" (2015)
  • John Lennon Songwriting Competition, World: "Baba Yetu" (2010) (Nomination)
  • USA Songwriting Competition Winner: "Iza Ngomso" (2014)
  • USA Songwriting Competition Nominee: "Baba Yetu" (2010)
  • International Songwriting Competition, Winner: "Baba Yetu" (2010)
  • International Songwriting Competition, First Place: "Iza Ngomso" (2015)
  • Independent Music Award, Best World Beat Song: "Baba Yetu" (2011)
  • Independent Music Award, Best Song Used in Film/TV/Multimedia: "Baba Yetu" (2011)
  • Independent Music Award, Vox Pop Contemporary Classical Album: "The Drop That Contained the Sea" (2015)
  • Independent Music Award, Best World Beat Song: "Waloyo Yamoni" (2015) (Nomination)
  • Independent Music Award, Best Contemporary Classical Album: "The Drop That Contained the Sea" (2015) (Nomination)
  • Independent Music Award, Best Contemporary Classical Album: "Calling All Dawns" (2011) (Nomination)
Miscellaneous Honors
  • Movie Music UK Awards, Best Original Score for a Video Game: "Old World" (2021)
  • NAVGTR Award, Best Song Original or Adapted: "Sogno di Volare" (2017) (Nomination)
  • Movie Music UK Award, Best Video Game Score: "Civilization VI" (2017)
  • Guinness Book of World Records: "First Video Game Theme to Win a Grammy" (2016)
  • Video Game Music Online, Album of the Year: "The Drop That Contained the Sea" (2015)
  • TAC International Film Festival, Best Music (2010) (Honorable Mention)
  • Composer on "Fishbowl", the Emmy-winning Short Film (2007)
  • GameSpy, Best Music: "Civilization IV" (2006) (Honorable Mention)
  • BMI Conductor's Lab Fellowship (2005)
  • Sundance Composer's Lab Fellowship (2003)
  • Royal College of Music, Horovitz Prize Winner (2000)
  • Fulbright Scholarship, UK (1999)


Major Concerts

The Anthem, "To Shiver the Sky" (2022) (with the US Air Force Band)
Carnegie Hall, "Calling All Dawns" (2019)
Llangollen International Musical Eistedfodd, "Calling All Nations" (2017) (with the Welsh National Opera Orchestra)
Cadogan Hall, "The Music of Christopher Tin" (2016) (with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
Lincoln Center, 40th Birthday Concert (2016)
Carnegie Hall, "The Drop of Dawn: Music of Christopher Tin" (2014)
Lincoln Center, "Calling All Dawns" (2013)


Spread Your Wings (2019), German Swiss International School
Hope Is the Thing with Feathers (2018), Palo Alto High School Centennial Celebration
O For a Voice Like Thunder (2018), Angel City Chorale
Njooni Waamanifu (2017), Minnesota Mormon Chorale
Adain Can (Songflight) (2017), Cor Cymru
Silver Wing (2017), ISCMS Festival X
Shinobu vs. Ghost Warrior (2014), Orchestra at St. Matthews
Temen Oblak (2014), ISCMS Festival VII
Iza Ngomso (2014), Waterford Union High School
Seirenes (2014), Bangor Symphony Orchestra
Tsas Narand Uyarna (2013), Stratus Chamber Orchestra
Passou o Verao (2013), Alexandra Iranfar
Haktan Gelen Serbeti (2013), DCINY
Haf Gengr Hridum (2013), Stanford University Chamber Chorale
Waloyo Yamoni (2012), Orchestra at St. Matthews
Lacrymosa (1999), US Embassy in London



Calgary Stampede (2019)
Damon and Pythias (2019)
Confetti (2019)
ATM (Dou Ai Xiong Ren Zhen) (2019)
Crazy Rich Asians (2018) Arrangements
Still Yours/Silent Paws (2018)
Suddenly Seventeen (2016)
Sausage Party (2016) Additional Music and Arrangements
Tess (2016)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny Arrangements
Market Hours (2014)
Hoodwinked Too: Hood vs. Evil (2011) Additional Music
The Lost Bird Project (2011)
Dead Space: Aftermath (2010)
Dante's Inferno: The Animated Epic (2009)
Diplomacy (2009)
Life in Limbo (2008)
The Prince and Me 3 (2008) Additional Music
Still Bill (2008) Additional Music
Wedding for One (2008)
Another Day in Paradise (2007)
Witnesses to a Secret War (2007)
The Insatiable (2006)
Fishbowl (2005)
Kind of a Blur (2005)
Lilo and Stitch 2 (2005) Bonus Features Music
Shark Bait (2005) Additional Music
The Prince and Me 2 (2005) Additional Music
The Heffalump Movie (2004) Sequencing (Uncredited)
Mulan 2 (2003) Sequencing (Uncredited)
Sunny Intervals and Showers (2003)
X2: X-Men United (2003) Source Music
A-Zu-Re (2001)
It Happens Across America (2001)


Over the Sea I Come to You (Liu Xue Sheng) (2019)
Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol (2018)
Cor Cymru (2017) The Reflection (2017) Additional Music
Series of Unfortunate Events (2016) Additional Music, Uncredited
Empire (2015) Arrangements
Freedom Summer (2005)
Battle Plan: Under Fire (2004)
MLK Boulevard (2003)


Old World (2021)
PGA Tour 2K21 (2019)
Splitgate Season 1 (2019)
Rise of Kingdoms (2019)
Moonlight Blade (2018)
Civilization VI (2016)
Offworld Trading Company (2016)
World of Xian Xia 2 (2015)
Civilization Online (2014)
Pocket God: Ooga Jump (2013)
Karateka (2012)
Hexere (2012)
Civilization World (2011)
Pocket God (2011)
Pocket God: The Runs (2011)
Pocket God: Uranus (2010)
World of Cars Online (2009)
Microsoft Surface (2008)
Disney's Toon Town (2008)
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)
Pirates of the Caribbean Online (2007)
ASK Learning (2005)
Civilization IV (2005)


Mongrel (2021)
Disneyworld Epcot Center (2019) Arranger
Le Reve (2016) Arranger, Conductor
Disneyland Shanghai (2015) Co-Composer, Arranger, Conductor
Dubai Fountain (2012)
City Creek (2009)
Night Sings Its Songs (2004)


MTV Networks (AAPI Heritage Month 2022)
2K Games
Amazon (Marvelous Mrs. Maisel)
AMC Theaters (APA Heritage Month 2021)
Baptist Hospital
Boston Duck Tours
Catholic Relief Services
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Humane Society
Ian Schrager
La Luxembourgeoise
Metropolitan Opera
Morgan Stanley
Safety Harbor Kids
The Addams Family: The Broadway Musical
Tishman Speyer
United Arab Emirates
US Marine Corps


Sentinels (2020)


Les Stroud "When It's Gone" (2019) Arranger
Jasmine Chen "Waiting for Your Return" (2018) Arranger, Conductor, Producer
Jasmine Chen "Changhai" (2018) Arranger, Conductor, Producer
Marina Acton "Stand Up" (2018)
Sandy Cameron "How Does a Moment Last Forever" (2017) Arranger, Producer
Ricky Kej "Shanti Samsara" (2016) Arranger
BT "Electronic Opus" (2015) Arranger
APEK "Voices" (2015) Arranger
Alex Shipp (2015) Arranger
Daniel Ho (2012) Arranger
Mozez "The Absolute" (2011) Arranger
Jillian Aversa "Will O' the Wisp" (2011) Featured Artist, Co-writer