Taylor Swift: Bad Blood


  • RELEASE YEAR: 2015

Christopher got an invitation from Taylor Swift to attend her concert at Staples Center, and got a chance to chat with her before she took the stage. And during the concert, listening to her perform her hit ‘Bad Blood’, he had an unusual idea: to take the song and make an orchestral arrangement of it.


His cover, created entirely from orchestral sample libraries, took a few days out of a slow summer week to create. His assistant edited together a video showcasing the score, and posted it to YouTube. And there it lingered, with little public attention… that is, until Taylor herself saw it, and tweeted it to her 62 million followers.

48 Hours of Hilarity

Tin’s unusual arrangement caught fire on social media, and was picked up by media outlets that don’t usually cover his music: Cosmopolitan, People, and Hello Giggles to name a few.


In July of 2016, the Colorado Symphony performed his arrangement live at their Tribute to Comic-Con, and released their own cover video on YouTube.

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