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The Lost Birds

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An Extinction Elegy

The Lost Birds is a musical memorial to bird species driven to extinction by humankind. Sweeping and elegiac, it's a haunting tribute to those soaring flocks that once filled our skies, but whose songs have since been silenced. It's a celebration of their feathered beauty: their symbolism as messengers of hope, peace, and renewal. But it's also a warning about our own tenuous existence on the planet: that the fate that befell these once soaring flocks foreshadows our own extinction.

The Finest Voices and Players

The Lost Birds will be sung by the preeminent British vocal ensemble VOCES8, accompanied by my longtime collaborators, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Backers will have the rare and unique opportunity to attend the orchestral recording sessions at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, as well as the vocal sessions at VOCES8's private recording facility (both in person and virtually). I'll be documenting in detail each phase of the creative process--from sketches to composing, recording to mixing, release to marketing-- with frequent updates, journal entries, and exclusive live streams and video content.

Music for Appreciating Nature

This album will be a gentler production than my previous works. The language will be pastoral and romantic; by turns soaring and delicate, but with the slightest whisper of melancholy. It will be a response to the noise of our times; a return to simplicity, clean lines, and the timelessness of hymns and folk melodies. It will be a triumph of loveliness; a soundtrack for appreciating nature, and a reminder that we must preserve its ephemeral beauty while it still exists.


Sogno Challenge


Christopher has released a new solo piano piece, "Nocturne", in collaboration with fellow DeccaGold artist Wei Luo. The track is inspired by Eliza Acton's poem "I Love Thee", and is a celebration of the sensations of night: the smell of jasmine, the lonely call of a songbird. The release is in support of World Sleep Day. Listen to the track here, and learn more about the piece here.

Sogno Challenge

The Inspiration Thread

Christopher has released 'The Inspiration Thread', the first of three EPs that are compilations of tracks taken from Christopher's studio albums, but grouped by mood or concept. Listen to this collection of inspiring pieces here.

Sogno Challenge


Christopher, along with the Stay-at-Home Choir, has announced the #SognoChallenge: a fun, social media challenge where musicians are invited to reharmonize his anthem to Civilization VI, "Sogno di Volare". Simply take Christopher's theme and change the harmonies, then post your new rendition to social media with the hashtag #SognoChallenge. Full instructions can be found in this YouTube video, and lead sheets and MIDI to help you get started can be found here. Here are the submissions so far.

Stay at Home Choir


The leading virtual choir organization has announced that Christopher's anthemic Civilization VI theme, "Sogno di Volare", will be their next virtual choir project. Singers from all around the world can participate by signing up here.



In celebration of the 15th anniversary of "Baba Yetu”, Christopher invited his fans to share their own versions of his iconic and best-known song with the hashtag #BabaYetuXV. Click here for more information on how to join the celebration.



’To Shiver the Sky’ debuted at #1 on the Billboard Classical Crossover Albums chart. This is Christopher's second consecutive #1 album; 'The Drop That Contained the Sea' was also the #1 Traditional Classical Album upon release.


'To Shiver the Sky': An Inside Look

An online event exploring the call of the heavens, the history of flight, exploration, and the birth of an oratorio: To Shiver the Sky. The event featured the world premiere of “Courage,” a setting of a poem by Amelia Earhart sung by “one of the most sought-after singers on the planet” Danielle de Niese. Also featuring contributions from leading figures in the world of aviation and exploration, plus a live interview and Q&A with Christopher Tin. Replay the event on YouTube.


To Shiver the Sky

Christopher's third album and first major label release, 'To Shiver the Sky', is out now. An oratorio about the history of flight told in 11 movements, it features performances from Danielle de Niese, Pene Pati, ModernMedieval, the Pembroke College Girls' Chorus, and the Royal Opera Chorus, all accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Visit the album page for more details.