Lindsay Lohan

For MUSO Magazine


  • Released 2009
  • CREDIT: Artist: as Stereo Alchemy
  • AGENCY: Yu Tsai/88 Phases
Thomas Carew (1595 - 1640)

Christopher was hired to score a provocative fashion video for Lindsay Lohan. He was determined to inject a touch of class into the project, however, so he chose to write a song based off a Renaissance-era poem by English poet Thomas Carew called 'A Rapture'--a highly suggestive, erotically charged verse replete with dark, gothic imagery. Together with his collaborator K4M3TR0N and vocalist Melissa R. Kaplan, they immediately set to work writing a dark, brooding trip hop song to convey the S&M/goth vibe that the video's director, celebrity fashion photographer Yu Tsai, had requested.


At the time, the video was highly scandalous; Lindsay Lohan was still a fresh-faced Disney princess who was trying to reshape her image. In the years since however, as Lohan found herself a fixture of tabloids and Playboy spreads, the video lost its edginess. However, musically it did serve as a launching point for Christopher and K4M3TR0N's production duo Stereo Alchemy. 'A Rapture' became the first song on their debut release 'God of Love, and Yu Tsai graciously re-edited the fashion video so that it could be reused as a music video for their single.

Come, then...
and mounted on the wings of Love
We'll cut the flitting air and soar above
The monster's head...

And in the noblest seats
Of those blest shades quench
Renew our heats.
Love and innocence...

Thomas Carew (1595 - 1640), 'A Rapture'