Sausage Party

  • Released August 12, 2016
  • CREDIT: Additional Music and Arrangements
  • STUDIO: Sony Pictures
Hot Dogs

Christopher was approached by composers Alan Menken and Christopher Lennertz to join them in scoring the raunchy Seth Rogan animated feature 'Sausage Party'. He wrote additional music, and also did a series of arrangements of Menken's title song "The Great Beyond" in various world music styles: Mariachi, Bollywood, Middle Eastern, and even 'tacky Chinese grocery muzak'.

The Biggest Sausage

While working on this project, Christopher was also working around the clock with Menken on the Cirque du Soleil-style Las Vegas show, 'Le Reve', as his arranger and conductor.

Old Recipes

Christopher Tin and Christopher Lennertz go way back. Tin first met Lennertz when he wrote additional music for the animated feature 'Shark Bait', and then years later they would reunite serving as Governors of the LA Chapter of the Recording Academy (the organization that awards the GRAMMYs).

Maybe a Touch Raw

There's a scene where our sausage and bun heroes walk down the Asian food aisle, and the film called for a Chinese version of Alan Menken's theme song. Instead of doing something authentically Asian, Christopher opted to do a cheesy, tinny (pun intended) version of the muzak that you might hear at a Ranch 99 discount Asian food market.